If it's not fine, it's not over.
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mEET Allison qUADHAMER, m.s., d.C.

Growing up, I was a model student, all-star athlete, well-behaved and shy. Every one believed I came from the perfect family.  However, behind closed doors, things were vastly different. My house was chaotic at best, abusive at worst. Despite being outwardly successful, I grew up feeling isolated and alone, doubting myself, my abilities, my intuition and my reality. I spent many years attempting to escape my parents and ultimately my own internal anguish through many unhealthy relationships and a nomadic existence.  My life was anything but fine. 

I like believing you are magic.
— Angela H.

My search for meaning, safety, trust, stability, confidence and self-worth led me to a master's degree in communications (the basis of healthy relationships), a doctorate in chiropractic (the basis of healthy bodies) and advanced training in neurology (the basis of healthy minds). 

It is through my education and life experiences that I came to understand that our perceptions of the world affects our physical, mental and spiritual health, as well as our relationships. My own distorted perceptions formed during a childhood of dysfunction and emotional abuse was the thing keeping me from the life I wanted.  Using the priniciples of neuroscience,  I changed the way I perceive the world. I have not only created a fine life that I love with my husband and three adopted sons, but I have helped thousands of people transform their perceptions so they are able to create their own versions of a healthy, happy, fine life. Ultimately, if it's not fine, it's not over.

Me and my men cheering on the Huskers.  GO BIG RED!

Me and my men cheering on the Huskers. GO BIG RED!





epiphany session ... $110

For those seeking a quick fix but need help connecting the dots.  Single session; 60 minutes.

Parenting Perceptions ... $600

Knowing our relationships with our parents influence all other relationships in our lives, parenting can be intimidating for those with poor role models.  This package is designed to help you reframe your relationship and fears around parenting so you can be who you needed when you were a child for your child. This 4-week package includes:

  • 4-60 minutes sessions
  • Journal prompts
  • Limited text and e-mail support. 

3 Month Perception Change ... $1000 

You know where you're stuck and you want rapid results.  This is for you.  We go hard. We go fast. You get real results.

  • 12-60 minutes sessions
  • Individualized self-care guidelines, journal prompts and mind management tips.
  • Limited text and e-mail support.


I have regained a sense of calm, a sense of self-assurance and the ability to self-regulate my emotions is easier.
— Ashley C.

A year of growth ... $500/year 

Undestanding that changing perception is a process requring time and consistency, this package is for those committed to creating real and lasting changes in their lives for the better.  It is designed to allow those devoted to change the autonomy to create the level of service they desire at an incredible savings. The $500 membership fee gives you access to:

  • Up 52 sessions/year at $55/session
  • Individualized EFT scripts
  • Individualized journal prompts
  • Individualized meditations
  • Individualized memory work
  • Reiki healing
  • VIP support via text/e-mail. 



Friday really enabled me to be an upgraded version of myself. I felt it. I acted like it. I showed up. I was present and it was awesome!
— Tiffany V.
It is amazing how much less guilty I feel. Now I’m coming up with memories that I want to lessen the blow to.
— Jenn M.
I used to let [my mother] manipulate me. I’m so embarrassed to admit that. Somehow you gave me the strength not to take it.
— Jessica L.
I’m in the process of figuring out what my relationship with my dad can be and I just wanted to thank you for being brave enough to write about it.
— Heather U.



If you have any questions about how I may be of service, please contact me below.  I look forward to working with you. --Allison