Stress is not all bad!

I've been thinking about stress lately. ... it's forms ... it's consequences ... it's omnipresence ...

In the literature, there are 2 types of stress:

1. Distress, or negative stress
2. Eustress, or positive stress.

DISTRESS is characterized by :

Causes anxiety or concern.
Can be short- or long-term.
Is perceived as outside of our coping abilities.
Feels unpleasant.
Decreases performance.
Can lead to mental and physical problems.'

EUSTRESS is characterized by:

Motivates, focuses energy.
Is short-term.
Is perceived as within our coping abilities.
Feels exciting.
Improves performance.
What it boils down to is that eustress is the stress we want and distress is the stress we don't.

And, I'm not talking about "Seek out eustress and avoid distress." Nor am I talking about the collective "we."

I'm talking on the individual level, eustress is caused by the changes and circumstances we WANT to happen. Because stress inevitably accompanies change.

However, the stress we want, we more easily adapt to, we more easily accept, we more easily lean into because we want the thing or circumstance that is causing the stress and forcing us to rise up and meet it.

These things could be a new job, a new baby, moving, getting married. All of these require a new version of us, with a new skill set to be successful at these new roles. The process of becoming the person who is confident and capable in those roles is eustress. Eustress is the stress of growth and acceptance.

Distress, on the other hand, is caused by things we don't want to happen. The death of a loved one, divorce, illness, etc.

In the case of distress, the detrimental effects of stress come from the inability or lack of desire to become successful in the new role you're in. Distress is the stress of stagnation and resistance. 
What if it were possible to adopt a worldview that most change you encountered, regardless of it's specific manifestation, was eustress?